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Couples Bang The Babysitter

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Watch these husbands and wives put their marital woes aside and team up to seduce naive co-eds! Suckered in with promises of making extra cash, these young bitches don’t know they gotta give up the ass!

Find out what excites these nasty couples when they deviously recruit angelic, little Jenny Q. Babysitter for their tasty teen threesomes. Because remember, after all…the couple that preys together, stays together!
Up and coming teen babysitters are a naive bunch, that’s for sure. So, who to better guide them through their sexual experimentation than the mature couples who pay them hourly? Hell, some of these couples lied about even having a baby, just so they could have an excuse for a pretty teen to show up! The trap has been sprung.

See sneaky husbands and wives slowly bait our impressionable, young co-eds into taking off their clothes and sucking and fucking their way into overtime pay! These nubile teen dreams have no idea what to expect for their first hardcore fuck party!

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